Contact Form 7 – failed to send your message

Contact form 7 one of the widely used and one of the most popular Word Press plug-in ever. It is easy and quick to configure. Now if you are new with the contact form 7 plug-in. You will see that after user sends the message the message box appears below the form saying the weather your message was sent successfully of not?

Now if you see in the figure below. You will see list of messages after submitting the form. If the box is in green color, That means your message was successfully submitted to the site owner.  If its in yellow then it means that there are some validation errors, orange means span and red means FAILED.

Contact Form 7 Validation Messages

Contact Form 7 Validation Messages

Now we will be concentrating on the 4th scenario. You must be wondering what went wrong? Why your contact form is not sending the messages ? Did you do something wrong?

The answers is no !!!

There are four ways using which you can solve this issue.

1) Changing the email address in contact form settings

For most people this option works, i.e to change the FROM email address in your CF7 settings. Just like shown in picture below.

Contact Form 7  Mail Settings

Contact Form 7 Mail Settings


2) Use SMTP plug-in to configure the mail

There are various plug-in available for SMTP configuration, you can download any of the plug-in and configure it using the instruction provided by the plug-in author.

WP Mail SMTP is one of the plug-in which has very good ratings.

3) Conflict with theme/plugin

This is one the basic steps every one should follow if they are stuck at some point of time. Because there are tons of plug-ins available, which might be conflicting with contact form 7. Deactivate all plug-ins and switch to default theme. If it works then it must be the problem of either theme of plug in. Now activate each plug-in one by on to check which one is causing the problem.

4) Problem in your hosting provider / cPanel settings

Now if all of above does not work then this last thing probably should work for you. If you open your cPanel and go to MX ENTRY, you will find one option called Email Routing, now in this option if Local Mail Exchanger is selected then this is causing the problem that contact form 7 is not able to send the message and giving you errors. Now the solution will be select the AUTOMATICALLY DETECT CONFIGURATION radio button and check your form on front-end.

Cpanel Setting for contact form 7

Cpanel Setting for contact form 7


This worked for me several time. Hope it also works for you. 🙂


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